108 Media Brings Unique Horror Films to Viewers

Singapore-Malaysia Agreement Opens Door to Co-Production

Malaysia — The folks who brought you the horror movies “Eerie” and “Mimicry Freaks” have a new project to terrify you. 108 Media signed the pre-production project “Best Served Cold,” a horror-action flick set to star mixed martial artist (MMA) Athena (Ann Osman) in the lead role. They also successfully completed the first step in the film’s foreign production — securing the support of the Malaysian government in shooting the project.

The horror-action film could become the first project filmed under a new agreement between Singapore and Malaysia. Its authorities began talks in January 2020 to forge a co-production treaty, said Hans Isaac, chairman of the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS).

108 Media: Asia Pacific Horror Film Experts

108 Media forged its reputation by scouring Asia Pacific sources for film projects it could release in the US to round out the country’s cinema choices. While it produces all genres of film, the company has focused on horror. So far, 108 Media has brought horror fans “Eerie”, available on Netflix, a 2019 Filipino ghost story set in a haunted Catholic school, and the Japanese mystery slasher “Mimicry Freaks” from director Shugo Fujii. It also has other horror genre projects in the works including “The Curse” from The Philippines and “In the Name of Lucia” also from The Philippines,

Its latest horror project, “Best Served Cold,” blends action and horror genre elements. Its central character, a former MMA fighter turned private detective, Suzanna Sim, combines her sleuthing talents with Southeast Asian black magic and her martial arts knowledge to solve cases. The case in the film involves a wealthy client’s missing husband and a mythical Malaysian creature. Based on the Jill Girardi short story “Don’t Eat the Rice” and adapted by writer-director Aaron Cowan, whose credits include four Oscar-winning films including “Avatar” and the trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings.

”The 108 Media film would be the first made under the new cooperation treaty in cooperation with Siung Films. According to Isaac, the treaty is the first of its kind, but one of many Malaysia would like to forge.“

FINAS Malaysia encourages and welcomes co-production treaties with not just Singapore but other countries to establish a closer relationship that eases buying, distribution, content creating and collaboration.”

“Best Served Cold” will also partner 108 Media with the Kuala Lumpur-based company, Base FX, a favorite collaborator of both Hollywood and Chinese film projects also.

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