108 Media: Champions of Cross-Cultural Entertainment

108 Media is working on cross-cultural entertainment, and they are making a big name for themselves in the process.

108 Media is a company that is growing in reputation, because of all the work that they are doing with media, mostly internationally. They are working on cross-cultural entertainment, and they are making a big name for themselves in the process. 108 Media does a lot of work on the development of new projects. They understand that it takes a lot of time to get things the way that a client wants them, and they are willing to do whatever they can to help. Some of the projects that they have in development include Darklands and Mrs. Raffles. They also do a lot of work with branded entertainment.

 They understand that when a company or business is trying to build a brand, it is important that they get the word out as much as possible. After all, spreading the word about a brand is the way that they are eventually going to be able to turn a profit. Some of the projects that they have put their name on include: Lip Sync Battle, Caraoke Showdown, and Good Game Asia. They also help quite a bit when it comes to the establishment of brand partnerships.

108 Media also comes up with specialized financing solutions for entertainment and media projects. This company is considered to be a senior secured debt financier of international film and TV projects. These projects have been secured against rights such as pre-sales and production rebates in the European and Asia Pacific (Australia/NZ and India, among others) content businesses. 108 Media has offices in London and Singapore and does a lot of work all over the world from these offices. They are considered to be specialists in structuring and cross-border projects. They do a lot of work in media financing across IP and content sectors, including equity investments, M & A transactions, inventory financing, and credit facilitation. Working with 108 Media can confer many different advantages on your business. 

These include multi-level lending, an in-house sales team, geographical spread, a global management team, established strategic alliances, and the first-mover advantage in Asia. Overall, 108 Media is a company that prides itself on its ability to work with others and nurture great ideas within the world of international and global entertainment. They work in all sorts of realms here, including licensing, production, financing, and more. They have a diverse set of people working for them with a diverse set of talents.

 These talents make it so that the ideas of their clients can reach their full potential and be made into fantastic TV shows and films for people to enjoy all over the world. Because of all of the work that they are doing, this company is growing all over the world and hopes and plans to continue to do so as they keep working with clients. Caroline Hunter Web Presence, LLC email us here

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